Highlands is led by a small group of thoughtful people who form the Leadership Board.

2020-21 Leadership Board

Up to 10 members of the Congregation are elected to form the Leadership Board. They represent the Congregation, meet monthly except for July, and have the responsibility to set out goals and vision for the Congregation. Most Leadership Board members serve two-year terms.

Co-Chairs: Sandra Soderling and Ardis Nelson
Sandra Soderling, Ardis Nelson, Jessica Keefe, Robin Rivers, Corey Hollett, Wendy Grant, Wendi Reinhardt, Dave Wilson, Julie Hunt, Craig Madill, Rev. Will Sparks (ex-officio), Sandi Parker (ex-officio), Michael Soderling (ex-officio)

You can contact the Leadership Board by emailing Sandra Soderling and Ardis Nelson.

Board of Trustees

  • Peter Ackhurst
  • Judy Anderson
  • Bill Denault (Chair)
  • John Haley
  • Joan Kosick
  • Al Lill

The Board of Trustees are the principal custodians of all of the property and facilities for the use and benefit of the Highlands church congregation. The activities of the Trustees are restricted and governed variously by Public Statute, the United Church’s Trusts of Model Deed, and the lawful directions of the Official Board or Church Board and other Courts of the United Church having jurisdiction.

Staff and Lay Leadership

Lead Minister                                    Rev. Will Sparks will.sparks at
Tel. (604) 980-6071 ext. 225

Minister for Community Development                Sandi Parker sandi.parker at
Tel. (604) 980-6071 ext. 223

Minister for Seniors and Hospitality                    Colleen Blair colleen.blair at
Tel. (604) 980-6071 ext. 227

Minister for Children, Youth and Families          Allie Keir allie.keir at
Tel. (604) 980-6071 ext. 224

Minister of Highlands On-Line           Andria Irwin andria.irwin at
Tel. (604) 980-6071 ext. 226

Administrator                                                   Carol Smith churchoffice at
Tel. (604) 980-6071 ext. 221

Administrative Assistant                             Tatina Lee tatina.lee at
Tel. (604) 980.6071 ext. 222

Lay Worship Leader                                        Ken Irwin ken.irwin at

Minister Emeritus                                           Rev. Bob Shank

Music Ministry

Music Coordinator
Geordie Roberts geordie.roberts at

Choir Directors
Gillian Irwin, Spirit Singers gill.irwin at

Geordie Roberts, Genesis Too Youth Choir geordie.roberts at

Bella Kershaw, God’s Free Spirits

Roz Hollett, Bell Choir

Heather Soderling, Re:Sound Chamber Choir

Geordie Roberts and Roz Hollett

Standing Committees

Highlands has three standing committees that care for the daily and weekly work of the church. The Chairs of these standing committees are elected by the Congregation.


  • Gillian Irwin, Chair
  • Rev. Will Sparks (ex officio)
  • Colleen Blair
  • Joy Dancey
  • Allie Keir
  • Ken Irwin
  • Sandi Parker
  • Geordie Roberts


  • Ed Hunt, Treasurer
  • Mark Clarke, Secretary
  • Cameron Forde
  • Scott Hughes
  • Doug Margerm
  • Rev. Will Sparks (ex officio)

Ministry and Personnel

  • Craig Madill, Chair
  • Betty Chapin
  • Ardis Nelson
  • Diana Bomford
  • Kathleen Whyte
  • Rev. Will Sparks (ex officio)

Highlands is a church that encourages people to take initiative, to fulfill needs as they see them, rather than seek permission. Small Group Ministry, a key part of Highlands Five-Year planning, refers to small congregational groups, usually three to seven participants, who agree to meet for a specific length of time around a shared interest.