Parents and Families

Please note that as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, we had cancelled all programs and events. We are cautiously re-opening but with strict guidelines and safety protocols in place. Please view the Highlights for updates.

Highlands loves kids! You will find a space for families with young children right near the front of the sanctuary, with some quiet activities. This way, children can see everything that is happening up front and feel included as part of the worshipping community. Parents or grandparents are invited to be with their children.

Activity bags with crayons, felts and colouring sheets are available at each entrance. We welcome children and youth to serve as greeters, candle lighters and readers. Please let Allie Keir know if you are interested in ministering in this way.

Watch the weekly Highlights newsletter for details of parenting workshops planned for the future. Or to be added to the email Families Distribution List, contact Allie Keir.