Social Action

Please note that as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, we had cancelled all programs and events. We are cautiously re-opening but with strict guidelines and safety protocols in place. Please view the Highlights for updates.

It’s not just what we do at church. It’s about what we do outside of church, too. How do we live our lives to bring justice to our community, peace to the world?

Highlands United Church is committed to concerns outside of the immediate congregation.

Highlands Flea Market

A gigantic thrift sale—the epitome of reusing, recycling and reducing! Highlands cares for the environment, and is committed to being a link in transferring stuff from those who no longer need it to those who do. The annual sale on the Saturday after Thanksgiving ignites the energy of more than 150 people who volunteer to make this event a success.

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Healing Hands

Healing Hands is a major outreach and caring ministry. It is an energy-based approach to healing, working with and restoring balance to the energy fields that surround you. Awaken your body's innate healing powers, restore harmony and balance to your whole being.

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Feeding Ministries

Highlands has a real heart for people who are struggling in their lives, and a lot of people who love to cook. So a marriage is made. We make Saturday Lunch at North Shore Neighbourhood House for up to 50 people and help First United Mission in the Downtown Eastside.

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Shelter to Home

Through all the twists and turns of life, some people end up homeless and needing support. In partnership with North Vancouver agencies, Highlands provides furniture and household items so that people can return to independent housing.

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Community Connections

Highlands is active in the community—the Edgemont community, the North Vancouver community, the Downtown Eastside. From teaching ESL to new Canadians to making lunch at the North Shore Neighbourhood House, Highlands is at work. The church also serves as a meeting place for many organizations whose goals match our vision—Tai Chi, AA, Cubs, Scouts, Guides and more.

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Global Connections

Globally, Highlands is involved specifically with helping women and children in Guatemala, as well as providing support for refugees from around the world. Through affiliation with the United Church of Canada's Mission and Service Fund, Highlands is involved in other global projects.

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Highlands United Growing Greener (HUGG)

Highlands is concerned for our environment and recognizes that we all must play a part in reducing our environmental and carbon footprints. This year the team is focusing on Highlands recycling, "Growing Greener" events and Earth Day.

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