Does Anything Go? A Lenten Speaker Series

Life is complicated. Every day we are presented with moral dilemmas and we must make hard choices. What is right; what is wrong; what is true; what is false? And what is in between? How do we find the path of integrity? Join us as we hear from and engage with leaders facing some of the most challenging and fruitful ethical struggles of our time. Come and fine tune your moral compass. Click HERE to Register

Drugs, Decriminalization and Safe Supply
Tuesday, March 3, 7 – 8:30 pm
We have tried prohibition and criminalizing the use of drugs and it has failed. What do we do now?
Guest Speaker: Dr Evan Wood from the BC Centre on Substance Use.

Navigating Sex and Sexuality
Tuesday March 10, 7 – 8:30 pm
The United Church has tried to offer leadership in healthy relationships and healthy sexuality for decades. The landscape of sexuality, gender, and relationships at every stage of life is changing. What signs can guide our way?
Guest Speaker: Anna White, Director of “Camp Out”

Right and Wrong in the Information Age
Wednesday March 25, 7-8:30 pm
We carry huge informational power in our pockets. We are more wired and connected than ever before. But, it is not all good, not all healthy.
How do we choose? How do we navigate our way with health and integrity?
Guest Speakers: Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee, VST Prof. of Homiletics & Biblical Interpretation AND Andria Irwin Online Minister at Highlands United Church

Living Well and Dying Well
Tuesday March 31, 7 – 8:30pm
The landscape of medicine, ethics and palliative care has changed radically in the last five years. Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) has been a game changer for many people. How do we live well and with integrity through the end of life?
Guest Speaker: Dr. Marylene Kyriazis, Clinical Pharmacist and co-founder of the Paul Sugar Palliative Support Foundation

For more information on this Lenten Series, contact Will Sparks at will.sparks@highlandsunited.org.

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