Good Friday, April 19, 2019

A reflection following our Good Friday Service today…

Hello dear Highlands community,

On this Good Friday, and as we move through Holy Saturday and in preparation for the great celebration of Easter Sunday, I wanted to reach out to you. This is sacred time in our story. We have come through the dark wood season of Lent, and just dispersed from our Good Friday service.

We follow this path, this narrative every year, and the story never changes. But as we hear it from a different place in life, it lands differently.  The images in my mind this Good Friday include images from the shooting in the mosques in Christchurch last month, the images of Greta Thunberg and other young people in the Global Climate Strikes, images of people I know who are going through a dark wood. And, as I turn my gaze toward the incredible celebration of Easter, the unbelievable news of life that rises above and beyond, my mind goes to the same places from a different perspective. Look what grace, strength and unity has risen out of the tragedies in Christchurch! Look what a powerful assertion of life is coming from the streets of the Global Climate Strikes! And people, behold what incredible faith, hope, and vision rises in and between us!

Carol has risen from her sick bed to gather together the activities in the Highlights this week. Thanks to Tatina for pinch hitting this week. This richness, depth and breadth of our life and ministry is such a blessing.


Rev. Will Sparks




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