New to Highlands?

Newcomers are always welcome at Highlands! Whether you have always been a church-goer, or have only set foot in a church for weddings or Christmas Eve, you are welcome.

As a newcomer, you’ve probably got lots of questions. What happens on Sunday mornings? Will I feel comfortable? Do I have to commit to attending all the time? If I wasn’t raised in the United Church of Canada, will I know what to do? What kind of activities are there? What kind of people will I meet? Are there programs for my children?

At Highlands, we have a phrase: “Whoever you are… Wherever you are on your faith journey… Whatever you want to ask… You are welcome and accepted.” So come with your questions and have a look around.

Interested in Membership? Contact the Church Office for the next membership classes.

If you want to explore Highlands virtually first, look at Our Church Team to find out what our leadership is like. If you are interested in how Highlands as a spiritual community sees itself, look at Our Vision. And if you’d like to see a Sunday morning service from the comfort of your sofa, check out our YouTube Channel or visit Highlands Online.

If you’re new to Highlands, we’ve got a few opportunities to help you feel more at home. Each Sunday following the service, meet with Colleen Blair, who’s part of the Highlands Church team. She’ll give you a brief orientation to Highlands. Here’s where you’ll find her on Sundays (pdf-sm136KB PDF).

Of course, the best way to find out more about Highlands is to get involved.

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