Going into that Good Night

by Gary Paterson Just over 18 months ago I sat at my mother’s bedside during her final days. Her decision had been not to pursue further medical treatment, which inevitably meant that her death would be imminent. But she was … Continue reading


Many of you will have heard about Gillian Bennett’s suicide on Bowen Island. It has been in the Vancouver Sun and in The Globe and Mail. Let me remind you of her story.  Gillian Bennett was diagnosed with dementia about … Continue reading

Thanks for Sunday

If a blog or “web log” is a collection of thoughts and musings, here’s my musings for this week: Matt Anderson was our host for the service – in old church language we would have called him a liturgist, that … Continue reading

Moderating the Conversation

“The Moderator is coming to Highlands! The Moderator is coming!” “Huh? What’s the moderator?” questioned my daughter, no longer a church-goer since leaving high school and moving away. “Why’s it called that? What a strange title!?” And the more I … Continue reading

Mission and Service

It was a packed service for our Mission and Service Sunday. By that I mean we had many stories to share of the way we at Highlands are involved with people around the world. We heard that the Methodist church … Continue reading