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Two people stand on either side of a person face down under a blanket, placing their hands on top

Healing Hands is an energy-based approach to healing, working with and restoring balance to the energy fields that surround you. Changes may be experienced on a physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level.

The goal of Healing Hands is to awaken your body’s innate healing powers, restoring harmony and balance to your entire being.

What is Healing?

Healing does not necessarily mean cure. In the Healing Hands practice, healing is a process guided by God to restore balance and wholeness of body, mind and spirit. Healing occurs within you, in your relationships and community, and within all of creation. Healing Hands complements, but is not a substitute for, conventional medical approaches.

Healing Hands is non-invasive, effective, natural and gentle.

The Healing Hands Ministry at Highlands

Trained volunteer practitioners offer healing sessions to people at Highlands and the wider community on a regular basis. In order to develop their skills, they meet regularly for meditation and Healing Hands practice. Many have taken courses in the Healing Pathway Program offered by Naramata Centre.

To book a Healing Hands session at Highlands, please contact Sharon Yetman at 778-288-5827. Appointments are available on Monday evenings or Wednesday afternoons (alternates weekly) and can be made for home, a care facility, hospital or hospice, as well as at Highlands. There is no charge to receive Healing Hands. However, donations to this ministry are welcome.

How does a session proceed?

A session usually lasts 30-45 minutes. First you meet with the Healing Hands practitioners. (Within the United Church, this work is usually done in pairs.) This is a time for you to explain your health concerns. You remain fully clothed and either sit in a straight-backed chair or lie on a padded table.

You name your wishes for healing, and the practitioners will name their role as channels of God’s love.

The practitioners will move their hands in gentle motions around your body. A light touch may be used if you are comfortable with this. During the session you may simply relax, ask questions or share feelings that you are experiencing.

You are in charge of the session. At any time you can ask that it be interrupted or stopped. At the end of the session, you are free to ask more questions or reflect on your experience. Afterwards, it is a good idea to drink several glasses of water and to rest.

Healing Hands helps in:

  • Connecting to the healing power of God’s love
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Increasing a sense of well-being
  • Reducing pain
  • Managing stress
  • Speeding the healing of bone and tissue

Why a Healing Hands Ministry?

The New Testament records many stories of Jesus healing people, including: a man with leprosy, the centurions’ servant, Peter’s mother-in-law, a paralysed man, a hemorrhaging woman, two blind men, a crippled woman and a deaf man with a speech impediment.

The Healing Hands ministry within the Christian community follows the example given by Jesus. Healing Hands is an expression of love and compassion for those in need of any kind of healing.

Within the United Church of Canada, the mission of the Healing Hands ministry is to renew the church’s role in healing and to reach out to those in need of healing in body, mind and spirit. The ability to heal and offer healing is a gift given to all, rather than a special gift given to a few. All it asks is that the person opens as a channel to the healing power of God’s love and mercy.

To find out more about Healing Hands at Highlands or to book an appointment, contact Sharon Yetman.