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Friday 28th June

The word “spirituality” is such a dynamic word. I have a feeling that everyone – really: each one of us – has a slightly different way of describing what spirituality means for us. For some of us it might be a feeling, others of us it might be the practice of slowing down (and what does that mean for eight different people?), for others of us it could be a list of steps that we move through to achieve a spiritual sense; for others it might be a sense of God’s presence; it could be individual, collected or a combination; and still others it could be a feeling of being connected to everything around them.

The United Church has as one of its pillars in its new vision “deep spirituality.” Not shallow, not occasional, but deep. Deep spirituality. What do we mean by that? What does it mean to you?

On the church’s website there are contributions from folks sharing how they describe and identify deep spirituality. There seems to be some common threads of ‘drawing closer to God,’ ‘feeling connected to creation around us’ and praying in various forms.

The scripture for Sunday is David lamenting the death of his father-in-law and best friend. Perhaps through exploring his lament, we can also explore what it means to us to be deeply spiritual and to practice deep spirituality. We’ll see.

Until Sunday,


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