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Baptisms, weddings & funerals


At Highlands, we are all about belonging: belonging in community, belonging to each other, belonging to God. Baptism is a celebration of belonging and of God’s gift of love already present for everyone. We offer baptism for people of all ages, from infants right through to adulthood. Meet with one of our ministers to find out what baptism means to your family and faith. Call the church at 604-980-6071 or write to us.

Will baptizing a child



Group shot wedding of Bernadette and Rod at Highlands United Church


Marriage is a sacred bond made more powerful by ritual in front of friends and family. You are welcome to be married at Highlands whether you are part of the congregation or not, whether you have been married before, whether you and your partner have different religious backgrounds, whether you are different genders or not. We welcome you! 

We will help craft a ceremony that truly celebrates your love.

Call the church office at 604-980-6071 or write to us for more information about planning your wedding, including bookings, fees, and an appointment with one of our ministers.

Funerals and Memorials

Highlands can provide help and comfort in your time of loss, even if you are not part of the congregation, by supporting you and your family as you grieve and assisting with arrangements that involve Highlands Church and its facilities.

The Highlands ministry team can help you plan a memorial service or funeral that best reflects your wishes, honours the life of your family member or friend, and acknowledges your loss.

Memorial services are most often held in the Sanctuary at Highlands. It has the capacity to seat 350 people comfortably. If you and your family would prefer a smaller group, the Highlands Chapel can accommodate up to 12.

To make arrangements for a funeral or memorial service, call the church office at 604-980-6071 or contact us



Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden

The memorial garden is a space dedicated to those who have gone before us. Located to the west of the church building, it’s a special place for the interment of ashes.

Memorial plaques naming all those whose remains have been placed in the garden can be found in the Highlands Chapel. 

You’re welcome to make a special donation to Highlands at the time of interment, which would be applied to the upkeep of the garden through the Highlands Memorial Fund. The garden was developed and is maintained by donations and may be visited at any time.