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Working, seeking, aspiring

Highlands United Church works every day to be a community-focused church, an inclusive church, a welcoming space, a safe place for all. A place that fosters opportunities not just to live and grow, but to thrive!  

Highlands actively seeks to be multi-generational, engaged in social justice, agents for environmental protection.  

Highlands aspires to be a diverse and vital congregation, living and working as a Christian community of faith, and bringing a spiritual perspective to the communities we engage with.

Our vision statement

As followers of Jesus, we want to be a community that gathers and takes risks:

To receive and engage a diversity of people
To celebrate life-giving worship
To love and be loved
To know and be known
To serve and be served
To learn, pray, and grow together.

Trusting in God, we want to be people who scatter:

To live out faith in action
To seek peace, justice, and healing
To share time, ministries, and money.

Led by the Spirit, we are continually transformed on this journey.