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Welcome to Highlands

Welcome to Highlands.
A vibrant part of the United Church of Canada. Creating inclusive community. Celebrating life together. Finding a spiritual anchor. Making a difference in this imperfect world. Opening to the holy mystery at the heart of life. Encircling others with abundant love and care.
God welcomes all of us here.

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Registration is NOW open to register you can click this link or the poster. Or you can scan the QR code above to register for 2024 Highlands Summer Camps on your phone or IPad.

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75th Celebration

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Minister's Musings

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  • Header Image for Ministerís Musing for March 28th 2024

    Ministerís Musing for March 28th 2024

    18 days ago

    What time is it? As I write it is noon on Wednesday of Holy Week- the week we follow the events that mark the final days of Jesusí life. The Palm Sunday celebrations saw Jesus enter Jerusalem amid a crowd crying out to him. That was three days ago. Tomorrow, Maundy Thursday, we will recall the last supper he shared with his disciples, the prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane and his arrest. Friday morning we will hear, reflect and pray our way through his passion, his death, and his burial. And then we waitÖ until the great celebrations of Easter morning! read more

  • Header Image for Ministerís Musing for March 22nd 2024

    Ministerís Musing for March 22nd 2024

    24 days ago

    Welcome to Holy Week. Last year during Holy Week I had the rare and beautiful opportunity to follow Holy Week processions through the streets of Antigua and Xela Guatemala and what stays with me from that time is the devotion those processions express. read more

  • Header Image for Ministerís Musing for March 17th 2024

    Ministerís Musing for March 17th 2024

    31 days ago

    When we first started this Lenten journey of ďbeingĒ and ďdoingĒ it made sense to separate the two: are you doing OR are you being? ďOh, yes, look at that. Oops, this is me doing. Iím not thinking about how I am beloved, or that Iím in relationship with God and all of creation around me, Iím just jumping in my car and racing to the appointment Iím already late for.Ē read more