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Starry night

“Consider the Birds”

Come learn about the birds of the bible until 12th of February.

Welcome to Highlands.
A vibrant part of the United Church of Canada. Creating inclusive community. Celebrating life together. Finding a spiritual anchor. Making a difference in this imperfect world. Opening to the holy mystery at the heart of life. Encircling others with abundant love and care.
You are welcome here.

Highlands Right Now

Up coming events

 Musical Lights Up March 1-4 2023Box Office Information

Box office assistance is for those who are unable to order online & for Wheelchair and companion tickets

Dates and hours after Church 11AM- 12PM

  • January 29         
  • February 5
  • February 12
  • February 19
  • February 26

At the Seniors Program

February 1 and February 15 from 1130AM-1200PM

General Information:

  •  Credit Cards ONLY, No cash or cheques
  •  Tickets are non refundable
  •  All tickets are $30
  •  Wheelchair accessible tickets must be bought in conjunction with a companion ticket.
  •  This show is not appropriate for infants/toddlers

 To order tickets directly go to: - Lights Up  Highlands United Church

Lectio Divina

 Lectio Davina online bible study alternative

A New Initiative at Highlands: Lectio Divina

We invite you to join Ross White on Zoom every Tuesday morning at 8am for 45 minutes to reflect on and pray with the Bible passage for the upcoming Sunday. Ross will lead us through the ancient Christian practice of Lectio Divina (praying with Scripture) to uncover comforts, challenges and new insights the passage might be offering you on your journey today. The first session will be January 17th at 8am.

For more information please contact the Church Office 

Ash Wednesday Service

Ash Wednesday with Saint Catherine's

Ash Wednesday - Saint Catherine's Anglican Church & Highlands United Church

We will honour Ash Wednesday - 22nd of February with short (30 minutes) services - prayers, readings, poetry and signing ashes in the shape of a cross on our foreheads. We use the words: from dust we are formed, and to dust we shall return.

Services will be in the Saint Catherine's Anglican Church at noon and 5:30 pm.

Shrove Tuesday

Pancake dinner invitation at Highlands at 530 0n the 21st of Feb

Everyone is welcome to Shrove Tuesday* 21st of February Feasting, Feathers and Fun Pancake meal at Highlands United Church served in the lower hall at 5:30 with games and activities to follow.

There will be children's activities available courtesy of St. Catherine's Preschool Staff and Highlands Staff.

Bring your family, friends and neighbours.

Saint Catherine's will have a table to promote The Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

Minister's Musings

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  • Header Image for Rev. Julie - 20th January 2023

    Rev. Julie - 20th January 2023

    20 days ago

    This Sunday we’re going to learn about the Ostrich. Who knew we could do that in church? I’m pretty excited. Don’t you think the ostrich is a neat bird? Its legs are set way back so its body weight really doesn’t seem distributed that well and yet it can run exceedingly fast. It has these huge wings and yet it can’t fly. It has the biggest eye ball of all the birds (and can see up to 3.5 km away) and yet it is not particularly smart. read more

  • Header Image for Rev. Julie - January 13th 2023

    Rev. Julie - January 13th 2023

    27 days ago

    This Sunday we will be blessed with Rev. Deb Bowman’s engaging and thought provoking worship as she leads us through a series on the birds of the bible. On one of the Sunday’s (Jan 29) we’ll have Dawn Pemberton as our special guest so be sure to come to the whole series!! Now that we are returning more and more to in person connections, I’ve been reflecting on how our global online connection and communities are here to stay. At Highlands our Sunday worship services are always hybrid – online and in person. And, I even hesitate to use the word “hybrid” because the truth is we are one! read more

  • Header Image for Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year!!

    34 days ago

    Wow. 2023. And we’re already a week in. How did this happen? Soon (Jan 15) we will be blessed with Rev. Deb Bowman’s series “Consider the Birds” based on Debbie Blue’s book of the same name. So, this Sunday we will explore all things Epiphany from the magi to Jesus’ baptism. And I doubt any of us will notice that we go from baby Jesus to adult Jesus in less than an hour! read more