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  • Minister’s Musing for February 23rd 2024

    Hi everyone, My mind is full of many things: preparing for worship, plans for the 75th Anniversary weekend, the upcoming annual meeting, grocery shopping with my daughter, building a coffee table, the latest cutest video of my granddaughter, Thrift Store grants, how Al is doing, have I learned the Spirit Singer’s anthem for this Sunday, the rental van I need to pick up later, getting the breaks on the car fixed, that latest episode, the book I am reading, $10 a day daycare, the climate emergency, the dishes on the counter… read more
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  • Minister’s Musing for February 16th 2024

    As a community, Highlands is great at doing. We get so much done. We do so some pretty great things together and we have a great time doing them. Sometimes though, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, and throughout the season of Lent we are going to practice a very un-Highlands thing: Being. The title of our Lenten theme is “Human Being.” read more
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  • Minister’s Musing for February 9th 2024

    To Infinity and Beyond: that’s this Sunday’s theme for our final wrap up of the 75th anniversary series and the Stewardship campaign. We’ve been looking back and looking forward, but “to infinity and beyond” kind of implies we’ve got one direction: ahead … way ahead! read more
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