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  • Rev. Julie - May 26th 2023

    IT’S PENTECOST. WOOOHOOOO. CELEBRATION TIME!!!! This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, often thought of as the birth of the church. There will be red and yellow ribbons to grab on your way in the door to wave about at the start of service. If you had some orange ribbon at home, feel free to cut off a strip and bring it in to wave about. AND … should you feel so moved, please wear orange, yellow or red clothes!!!! read more
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  • Rev. Will Sparks May 19th

    Yesterday there was a gathering at the church to celebrate the life of Margot Thomson. Many of you will remember Margot and Sandy who had regularly attended Highlands since the mid-80s. Their kids were married at Highlands. Grandkids baptized among us. They had been part of our community for nearly 50 years. And it was such a gift to gather and celebrate the blessing of those years and Margot’s life and character. Her granddaughter referred to her as a “sparkplug.” Don’t you dream of someday being referred to by a grandchild as a sparkplug? read more
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  • Rev. Will Sparks May 12th

    Back many decades ago when I was a young adult in University, I remember the religious studies department hosted a debate between an atheist biologist and a fundamentalist Christian on the existence of God. The scientist brought evidence of evolution, and the “how” of creation. There is no god behind the scenes making it all happen. We know this because we know now how it all happens. All the mysteries of the universe are, one by one, being explained by science. read more
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