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Highlands Leadership

Highlands is led by a small group of thoughtful people who form the Leadership Board.  It is supported by a Board of Trustees, three Standing Committees, and a dedicated team of ministry and lay staff and volunteers.

2021-2022 Leadership Board

Eleven members have been elected from the congregation to form the Leadership Board. They represent the congregation, meet monthly, and are responsible for setting out goals and vision for the church and providing overall governance. Members are usually elected for two-year terms and are eligible for re-election. The lead minister serves as an ex-officio member. A representative of the Finance Committee also serves on the Board.

Co-chairs: Sandra Soderling and Ardis Nelson
Secretary: Corey Hollett
Members: Oleh Ilnyckyj, Jessica Keefe, Craig Madill, Carol Nelson, Wendie Reinhardt, David Boal, Wendy McNaughton, and Rev. Will Sparks (ex-officio)

You can contact the Leadership Board by contacting Sandra Soderling or Ardis Nelson.

Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees are elected from the congregation. They are the principal custodians of all of the property and facilities that they hold in trust for the use and benefit of the congregation. Their activities are governed by United Church property rules and various public statutes. The Board of Trustees takes direction from the Leadership Board.     

Chair: Bill Denault
Members: Peter Ackhurst, Judy Anderson, John Haley, Joan Kosick, and Al Lill

You can contact the Board of Trustees by calling the church office at 604-980-6071.

Standing Committees

Highlands has three standing committees that oversee the daily work of the church. The Chairs of these standing committees are elected by the congregation.

Worship Standing Committee

Chair: Gillian Irwin
Members: Colleen Blair, Joy Dancey, Allie Keir, Ken Irwin, Geordie Roberts, Janet Warren, Chris Madill, Heather Soderling, and Rev. Will Sparks (ex-officio)

Finance Standing Committee

Treasurer: Ed Hunt
Secretary: Mark Clarke
Members: Cameron Forde, Scott Hughes, Doug Margerm, David Boal, and Rev. Will Sparks (ex-officio)

Ministry & Personnel (M&P) Standing Committee

Chair: Craig Madill
Members: Diana Bomford, Betty Chapin, Ardis Nelson, Kathleen Whyte, and Rev. Will Sparks (ex-officio)      

You can reach the leaders of the standing committees by calling the church office at 604-980-6071.