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Summer Camps - August 1, 2022

Hi everyone,

Highlands has been buzzing as we come to the end of the first of three weeks of in-house summer kids camp. What a pleasure to watch our directors (Anya and Laila) step into their leadership, some seasoned leaders (Carl, Grace, and Bochon) offer mentorship, leaders-in-training (LITs) blossom through the week, children form joyful friendships, and of course, Sandi Parker offering her signature stellar support. Thanks everyone for a very fine Passport to Peace camp.

The next camp will be Camp Spirit on August 15 to 19. Then we finish the summer with the Earth Song choral music camp on August 22 to 26, with leadership from our own Gill, Geordie, and Heather. There's still room in all these camps, so if you're starting to flag as the summer moves on and your children would like a real boost, sign them up for camp.

It's hard to overstate the potential value of a summer camp program. Often we think it's all about the campers, and it is. They come and form community and friendship in the context of a faith-based program. That's so valuable. At the same time, summer camp offers precious training ground for young people to grow and exercise their leadership skills and gifts in an encouraging, loving environment.

While she was working for a local non-profit, one of my adult children once said to me that she believed most of her early leadership skills were nurtured in the church. We want to be a place where young people learn and grow and rise to the full stature of their God-given soul. As lofty as that sounds, it was actually happening this week, thanks to summer camp. Wonderful.

Blessings, Will