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  • Rev. Will Sparks - September 22, 2023

    Last week we began our Theological Banquet Series and Janet Gear, the mastermind behind the work, preached eloquently about the way our lives, even more that our words, speak our most true, authentic theology. Read your life, your loves, your passions, your actions and you will understand what you truly believe. read more
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  • Rev. Julie - September 15th 2023

    I’m so excited for this Sunday! It’s the start of the Theological Banquet (Janet Gear’s book “Undivided Love”). Just visualize that – a THEOLOGICAL BANQUET! Who cares how big the shrimp are on a cruise ship midnight buffet, we have a theological banquet on our hands. Wow. read more
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  • Rev. Will Sparks September 1

    I visited the old sod over my holidays this summer. For me, the old sod is Scotland, the land of my ancestors and a land that does something to me every time I visit. Let me share a moment from that visit. read more
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