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  • Mary and Elizabeth

    When I think about what Iím doing with my life now, where Iím living, how far away I am from my biological family, the incredible strangers who have become my chosen family Ö never, not once in any dream or imagining in all my growing up could I have pictured this lived reality. What about you? Did everything in life unfold exactly as you thought it would? read more
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  • The great work of advent.

    It happened again this year. I looked out the window of my church office and there she was: a spider, spinning her web, carrying a huge egg sack. She busily spins and spins, getting ready, setting things up, all the while carrying within her a whole new generation of life. She looks so heavy and so light at the same time. read more
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  • Rev. Will Sparks

    I know it doesnít feel like it but according to the Church calendar, this Sunday is New Yearís Eve, the last Sunday of the year, on the cusp of the season of Advent. So there is plenty of planning and preparing going on at the church for the Advent Festival coming up on November 25th and 26th, and lots of rehearsing and planning for Advent and Christmas services and celebrations. read more
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