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  • Rev. Julie - March 17th 2023

    When have you recognized that someone really went out of their way to help you feel included? When do you remember a time when you worked extra hard to bring someone into the circle? Radical hospitality – that deep sense of welcome, acceptance and belonging that pours out of the way in which God is hospitable with us – can sometimes take a lot of effort. We make one advance and think “okay, great, they know they’re welcome, the door is open, I’ve done my work.” read more
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  • Rev. Julie -March 10, 2023

    I was reflecting this week on how great themes can be – they allow us to really dig into one subject area. We have chosen Radical Hospitality to focus on during Lent, and each week we have a different characteristic of this theme. But, I also began to worry this week – Lent in itself is a theme – an important one at that – and maybe the catchy theme of Radical Hospitality has led us away from the challenging work of following Jesus to the cross. read more
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  • Ministers Musing 3rd March 2023

    This week at church: - We explore the hospitality theme of “being a mentor.” - We play “mentor bingo” during coffee time. - The Local Connections team will be in Room 201 after church to talk about their years of dedicated work to local people and groups in need of support. read more
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