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Excited to be here - September 2, 2022

Hello everyone,

You can’t see it, but I’m smiling as I write this – like a big smile with teeth showing and everything.


Thank you for welcoming me into your community. My name is Julie Lees and I’m new to your ministry staff.

This coming Sunday, worship will be centred around table talk … what does being around Christ’s table mean for our lives; what does it teach us about how to be together?

How exactly does Jesus affect our daily lives? Well…

I write this note on my first official day at Highlands, but already I feel like a part of this church. There was an email of welcome waiting for me in the inbox of my brand new Highlands email account which was prepared for me before I arrived; there was a lovely card on my desk with warm wishes of welcome and joy; smiling faces stopped in at my new office door. One of the first tasks was to give me a detailed and caring tour of the church to ensure I knew my way around and felt like I already belonged (go ahead, test me on where the tea lights are stored!).

As many of you know, I loved my previous job as recruiter at Vancouver School of Theology – I loved the people I worked with, the school itself and the many inquirers I had the privilege to listen to. My last days were filled with conversations about change, relationship, impact, joy and more.

How does Jesus affect our daily lives through the practice of sharing in a meal? 

We learn to see each other. We want to make each other feel comfortable. We gain a sense of deep belonging and extend that to others. We hold abiding gratitude for how others have built us up. We trust that in all major change love and care remain.

I’M SO EXCITED to share communion with you on Sunday.