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Happy New Year!!

Wow. 2023. And we’re already a week in. How did this happen?

Soon (Jan 15) we will be blessed with Rev. Deb Bowman’s series “Consider the Birds” based on Debbie Blue’s book of the same name. So, this Sunday we will explore all things Epiphany from the magi to Jesus’ baptism. And I doubt any of us will notice that we go from baby Jesus to adult Jesus in less than an hour!

The season of Epiphany is about showing, revealing, making known. The Saviour’s birth was a birth for all. Not just for the powerful, not just for the wealthy, but for all. This would be a leader like no one had seen before. A leader who would give life, not take life; a leader who would live with people and serve, not wield power and demand; a leader who would seek and save the lost, not ignore them.

This is a leader who will be with us. And not just “us” but US – everyone. No one is shut out.

Often we personalize this notion of Epiphany and Jesus’ birth by thinking about “what will the light shine on in my life? What will it reveal in me that I need to work on? How am I not “for all” the way Jesus was?” Or, it may speak to us in the form of “look over there … look what the light has illuminated. I can go help there.”

As David Lose says “God is at work fashioning an Epiphany people, people of the light, people who know that the joy and grace of Christmas is not a gift to be admired but one to be put to work for the sake of the world God loves so much.”

Blessings, Julie