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Rev. Julie - January 13th 2023

This Sunday we will be blessed with Rev. Deb Bowman’s engaging and thought provoking worship as she leads us through a series on the birds of the bible. On one of the Sunday’s (Jan 29) we’ll have Dawn Pemberton as our special guest so be sure to come to the whole series!!

Now that we are returning more and more to in person connections, I’ve been reflecting on how our global online connection and communities are here to stay. At Highlands our Sunday worship services are always hybrid – online and in person. And, I even hesitate to use the word “hybrid” because the truth is we are one!

When Covid first started I never showed my face on zoom. I thought somehow part of my soul would be taken from me if my face was online. And, then it took ages for me to ever write something in the chat box because I thought “gosh, this will be here forever. What if I change my mind five years from now? What if someone takes offence? What if I say something wrong or people find out I’m not very smart?”

Just like learning anything new, I’m now comfortable with talking away online and showing my face. I never thought this would be true!!! I say all this because if you are someone who worships remotely and is nervous about signing in to the “chat” box, please try it. The benefits will outweigh the hesitation. In your first month you may only say “good morning” or “hi” but soon you’ll find you’re commenting on the hymns, the way the chancel looks, what happened in your week, the flavour of your coffee – it will be a whole new world of community and connection. I promise.

(all you need to do is get yourself a google email and then Sunday morning sign in to YouTube when you get to the service; then start connecting!!)

Highlands is made up of a wide variety of community members experiencing this church in just as many ways. How GREAT is that?!

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