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Rev. Julie - 20th January 2023

This Sunday we’re going to learn about the Ostrich. Who knew we could do that in church? 

I’m pretty excited. Don’t you think the ostrich is a neat bird? Its legs are set way back so its body weight really doesn’t seem distributed that well and yet it can run exceedingly fast. It has these huge wings and yet it can’t fly. It has the biggest eye ball of all the birds (and can see up to 3.5 km away) and yet it is not particularly smart. 

Why am I excited to learn more about the ostrich in church? Because God loved every single piece of creation into being. The ostrich is one of God’s beloved creatures as well. So, we know it is special. We know despite how it may appear, it’s got some gifts and qualities that make it unique, and therefore make it valued and necessary as part of God’s grand creation. 

Sometimes I think we walk around in this world thinking we are nothing special. We aren’t particularly fast or beautiful or brilliant or studious or innovative … pick any adjective. And, yet, we have been beautifully and uniquely made by God to offer to the world what only we can offer. I pray we all get to see God’s masterful handiwork in ourselves this week. 
Come on: let’s stick our neck out like the Ostrich and give to the world exactly who we are – there is a place for each and every one of us.