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Ministers Musing 3rd March 2023

This week at church:

  • - We explore the hospitality theme of “being a mentor.”
  • - We play “mentor bingo” during coffee time.
  • - The Local Connections team will be in Room 201 after church to talk about their years of dedicated work to local people and groups in need of support.

And … do you remember a few weeks ago when we acknowledged and honoured the property team and monitors for their ongoing commitment to the safety of the church?

There is a motive to all this. And here it is: how is God calling us to serve the church at this time?

I think I speak for all of us when I say we hope that Highlands is a beacon of hope, shelter, welcome, faith, education, community and so much more for the surrounding community. In order to live up to this identity a lot of attention to detail and energy is required.

And yet …

We are all busy – over busy in fact. We all have commitments beyond what we can manage, and we are tired. Most of the time.

And, yet…

The church needs us. In big and small ways.

God needs us. In big and small ways.

In the midst of our busy schedules, in the midst of our exhaustion, and during this week of exploring “being a mentor” how might God be calling us in some way? Maybe to touch up some paint spots; to explore who might be in need in the community; to pray for the church; to learn from the elders of the church; to come by once a week to make sure the building is locked up properly.

What are we already skilled at that would be appropriate to offer in ours and the world’s busy schedules?

Every act of service helps - reach out to Melissa in the office or Julie at – we’ll figure something out together.