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Rev. Julie - March 31st 2023

BRING YOUR FERN STALKS AND/OR CEDAR BRANCHES ON SUNDAY!!!! We are going to wave them about whenever we hear the word HOSANNA!!!

We are entering Holy Week. Already. 

As Father Antony Kadavil says "It is on Palm Sunday that we enter Holy Week, welcoming Jesus into our lives and asking Him to allow us a share in His suffering, death and Resurrection. This is the time of the year when we stop to remember and relive the events which brought about our redemption and salvation.”

We can read varying accounts of this week in each of the gospels, and by reading one or some or all of them we can bring to mind now what happened to Jesus then. And, in so doing we can reflect on our own dying and rising; our own repentance and redemption, our own cycle of growth in faith.

There are many websites that offer Holy Week liturgies. The Gospel Coalition compiles passages for a full account of events for each day in Holy Week (

Palm Sunday (April 2) Matthew 21:1–11, Mark 11:1–11Luke 19:28–44John 12:9–19

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem perched on a colt, it was the first time since raising Lazarus from the dead that he’d shown his face in the city.

Monday (April 3) Matthew 21:12–22Mark 11:12–19Luke 19:45–48

Jesus authority is highlighted

Tuesday (April 4) Matthew 21:23–26:5Mark 11:27–14:2Luke 20:1–22:2John 12:37–50

Confrontation with appointed leadership

Wednesday (April 5) Matthew 26:6–16Mark 14:3–11Luke 22:3–6

Jesus is anointed with perfume

Thursday (April 6) Matthew 26:17–75Mark 14:12–72Luke 22:7–71John 13:1–18:27

Disciples in upper room, feet washing, sharing a meal

Good Friday (April 7) Matthew 27:1–61Mark 15:1–47Luke 23:1–56John 18:28–19:42

Jesus betrayed, beaten and crucified

Saturday (April 8) Matthew 27:62–66

Jesus buried in a cave.