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Rev. Julie - November 3, 2023

It’s really hard to admit that we are fully human, isn’t it? We like to think we are full of light and all good all the time. But in reality we are made up of light and shadows. We sometimes want revenge, get really angry, experience what feels like hatred. In those moments we feel justified and right; but later, when we are back in the place of light, we wonder how we – us ‘beings’ of light and love and happiness and calm – can ever get there, ever feel those things.

Welcome to being human.

2023 marks the 75th anniversary of United Nations peacekeeping. That’s 75 years of putting energy toward preventing war and conflict as opposed to reacting to it. Yet even with those efforts we humans still end up fighting with each other. And it hurts every single time.

This Sunday is our Remembrance Sunday where we put some focus towards Remembrance Day, conflict and peace. Our current world events are a sharp reminder that November 11th is not a historical marker – yes, we remember the past but we hold in our hearts the present. There are people signing up to serve today. There are people risking their lives, today. There are people losing their lives, today. We will remember them.

Over the next week, whenever your heart gets heavy from all that is going on, perhaps you’ll want to take a breath and offer a wee prayer:

Loving God,

You know the way of love; and You love each and every one of us.
God, when my heart is hard, help me learn your way of love.
When I’m frustrated by injustices, inspire me into action.
And, when my soul is saddened, remind me to breathe.