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Ministerís Musing for March 17th 2024

When we first started this Lenten journey of “being” and “doing” it made sense to separate the two: are you doing OR are you being?

“Oh, yes, look at that. Oops, this is me doing. I’m not thinking about how I am beloved, or that I’m in relationship with God and all of creation around me, I’m just jumping in my car and racing to the appointment I’m already late for.”

As opposed to: “Okay, I’m going to take a whole hour now and BE. This is me BEING. I’m going to sit and stare at the tree outside my window and not move and really get in tune with the presence of the Holy in my life right here and now. Okay … Be! Now.”

This distinction helped at the very start, right?

For the rest of Lent, let’s see if we can BE more amid the Do. Let’s live them in tandem. So when we jump into the car and race to that appointment we are already late for and when we get to a red light let’s use that moment to watch the light moving in the wind. When we finally find a parking spot let’s take in how the light reflects off a car’s side view mirror and casting a beautiful rainbow.

It’s in those moments – those caught moments – where we can consciously pause, breathe and choose to BE with God while we DO. For a moment we can connect to God’s love for us, and our renewed willingness to serve the Creator in all we do and be.

See you on Sunday all you Be-ers and Do-ers!

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