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Ministerís Musing for March 22nd 2024

Welcome to Holy Week.
Last year during Holy Week I had the rare and beautiful opportunity to follow Holy Week processions through the streets of Antigua and Xela Guatemala and what stays with me from that time is the devotion those processions express.

Throughout the coming week thousands will participate in processions every day through the streets. Up to 120 people at a time will take turns carrying statues and scenes of Jesus depicting each part of the story of his passion. Processions leave the churches at 8:30 am and return late in the night led by incense and followed by bands playing sacred music. The streets are covered in flower petals and coloured wood chip carpets created daily by devoted people, families and shop keepers along the way and the streets will be lined with the devoted faithful. In this way thousands will express their devotion to God and to Jesus who they believe gave his life for their sake.

It’s humbling to see. They save all year to do this one thing for Jesus. Though the rituals are foreign to me, the faith expressed is familiar- deep and tender. I pray for faith that as deep and tender.

So I invite you into this Holy Week hoping you will find a way to connect in a deep and tender way with the story we tell and the life it expresses.

  • 10am March 24th bring ferns and evergreens to wave during the palm procession.
  • 10am March 29th join Re:Sound Choir as we remember and reflect on Jesus’ passion and death
  • 10am March 31st bring flowers to adorn the empty cross and celebrate God bringing life out of death.
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