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Ministerís Musing for June 21st 2024

The United Church has a new vision and plan for the church: called by God, as disciples of Jesus, The United Church of Canada seeks to be a bold, connected, evolving church of diverse, courageous, hope filled communities united in deep spirituality, engaging worship, and daring justice.

Over the next five Sundays we’ll go deep into exploring what this might mean for us in North Vancouver. And, this Sunday the plan is to explore our level of commitment to this vision, the wider church, the greater community of faith, to God and ourselves.
Continuing in the books of Samuel, this Sunday we’ll hear about David fighting Goliath. Saul clothes David with his armour – about 126 pounds of bronze and heavy metals – yikes! David tries in vain to walk, but can’t. It’s not his armour, it doesn’t fit. David removes them and relies on God and the skills with which he is familiar.

How often do we try to wear someone else’s armour? How often do we forget that God is an armour that won’t fail us? How might we deepen our commitment to relying on God; and our commitment to sharing God with the world … and where does this United Church of ours fit into that?

Don’t hold me to the answers! A rich question is of value in and of itself. So I only promise that we’ll start exploring!
See you Sunday,

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