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English Language Learning Groups

Are you looking for a welcoming place to practice your English skills, learn about life in Canada, and meet new friends?  We have the groups for you! All ages and stages of learning are welcome, but pre-registration is required HERE. 

Beginning Group

This group will focus on basic English skills (e.g. vocabulary, phrases, etc).  Participants have opportunities to practice their English through listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

Intercultural Conversation Group

English Language Learners are invited to join a diverse Intercultural Conversation Group. You’ll have lots of chances to practice your English, exchange stories with other newcomers to Canada, and talk about a variety of topics. The goal is to have fun learning, growing, and connecting.

Speakers Group 

If you want to dive further into English language learning, the Speakers Group may be right for you. This vibrant and friendly group focuses on language learning through experience, using the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Expect much laughter as you share your stories and polish your English!

Walk and Talk

The group, made up of both native English speakers and those wanting to practice their English, will walk together engaging in conversation.



Meetings will take place either in person in Room 201 at Highlands United Church or via Zoom depending on the class. 

There is a minimum donation of $40 per term, for this you can join any or all of the groups.  The three terms are Fall (September-December), Winter (January-March) and Spring (April-June).

You are welcome to try us out for a few sessions before deciding to join. Just let us know you’re interested.

For more information, or to volunteer as a teacher, contact Judy O’Neill


Beginners Class in-person on Tuesday Mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 am   
Intercultural Conversation Group is in person Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 am
Speakers Group is in-person Thursday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 am
Walk and Talk meets at Highlands Church on Thursday afternoons at 1:00 to 2:30 pm                                 

Contact: For more information - Judy O'Neill

Book Circle

A chance to connect with people who’ve read the same book you have, fiction or nonfiction, new releases or classics. This is a circle, not a club, so attend when you’re able on the last Monday of each month. Books are suggested for the next three or four months, and the location changes depending on weather.

The last Monday of the month, 7:30-9pm. 
Contact: Phyllis Bottomer



Book Club sitting around a table in a garden

Bible Studies



At Highlands, we take the Bible seriously but not literally. Explore your spiritual life by participating in an upcoming workshop. Click on the picture to watch one of our recent topics.

Upcoming topic:
Topic to be announced

Date to be confirmed
Contact: Will Sparks, 604-980-6071

Seniors Connection

Being a senior and being old are very different things! Seniors from Highlands and the community at large meet twice a month. It’s fun, informative and engaging. Join the Seniors Connection. 

First and third Wednesdays, 10:30 am to noon
Contact: Colleen Blair, 604-980-6071 ext 227

Members of the congregations in red life jackets in a canoe on a body of water

Highlands United Growing Greener (HUGG)

Concerned about the environment? Climate change? Want to know more? Want to do more? The HUGG group would love your input and participation.  

Contact: Colleen Blair