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A communion table on the sanctuary stage with multicolour tablecloths

Grounds Gardening Gang

A team of dedicated gardeners and people who just like to get their hands dirty and who care for and maintain the gardens at Highlands. Three mini groups each take on a specific area of our gardens. In the fall there’s a one-day big group blitz. There’s always room for more participants.

As needed
Contact: Ann Echols



Garden with lots of greenery and a wooden fence

table with linens and people around it

Flea Market Sorters

The annual Flea Market in October marks Highlands as a major recycling and reusing centre in the community. And going through donations on Tuesday mornings, through most of the year, is critical to its success. Join a group of dedicated members who sort through what’s been dropped off and separate it into categories for the various departments at the flea market.

Tuesday mornings from 8:45 to 11:45 am
Contact: Chris Robertson


A great sport for social interaction and fitness! Bring your racquet to the Highlands gym on Monday nights. All levels are welcome. 

Beginning Monday, September 12 in the gym
Contact: If you're interested in playing badminton, contact the church office at 604-980-6071 or send a message